In our podcasts, the Library's Keeper, Professor Russell Napier, speaks to authors of some of the most interesting books in the ever-expanding collection exploring insights into finance, business, society and human nature. Fascinating, educational and often rather funny.

Produced and edited by Fraser Allen
Voiceover by Mary Duffy

Library of Mistakes Podcast


The Rise Of Carry (with Tim Lee & Kevin Coldiron)

Russell Napier revisits a book that slipped out during the pandemic crisis but does, he believe, deserve considerable attention. Listen to him quizzing Tim Lee ...

What I Learned This Week (with Kiril Sokoloff)

For 40 years, Kiril Sokoloff, the founder of 13D Research & Strategy, has been picking some of the biggest turning points in financial markets. And, ...

Investing in US Financial History (with Mark J Higgins)

Russell Napier and Mark J Higgins explore some of the lessons to be learned from Mark's latest book, Investing in US Financial History: Understanding the ...

Boom and Bust (with William Quinn & John D. Turner)

In an appetising taster of our Weekend of Mistakes at Hay Castle on 1-3 March 2024, Russell Napier is joined by the authors of Boom ...

Humanomics (with Professor Deidre McCloskey)

Welcome to this special episode – a lecture by Professor Deirdre McCloskey recorded at the University of Edinburgh. With great humour and wisdom, Professor McCloskey ...

War and Gold (with Kwasi Kwarteng)

Financial historian and former Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng discusses War And Gold, his 500-year review of 'empires, adventures and debt'. In conversation with ...

The Market Mind Hypothesis (with Patrick Schotanus)

Welcome to a special, extended episode recorded live at the Library of Mistakes on 15 November 2023. Cognitive economist and investment 'pracademic' Patrick Schotanus discusses ...

Behind the Balance Sheet (with Stephen Clapham)

Stephen Clapham joins Russell Napier to discuss the clues and warnings that are often hiding in plain sight within the pages of a company's accounts ...

The Millionaires’ Factory (with Joyce Moullakis & Chris Wright)

Hear the authors of the Millionaires' Factory reveal the inside of story of how Macquarie Bank became a global giant – a fascinating tale which ...

The Strange Case of Arif Naqvi (with Simon Clark)

Welcome to a special bonus episode, in which we hear a live talk from Simon Clark recorded at the Library of Mistakes on 20 September ...

How Private Equity is Plundering America (with Brendan Ballou)

With a skull and crossbones on the cover, and the title of Plunder: Private Equity's Plan to Pillage America, Brendan Ballou's debut book pulls no ...

Controlling Credit (with Eric Monnet)

Want to learn about monetary policy without interest rates, and how we may be going back to the future? These questions, and many more, are ...

Geopolitical Alpha (with Marko Papic)

Marko Papic, author of Geopolitical Alpha, joins our Keeper Russell Napier to discuss his investment framework for predicting the future. In a world where geopolitical ...

Capital Wars – The Rise Of Global Liquidity (with Michael Howell)

Michael Howell, legendary market strategist, author and founder of CrossBorder Capital, joins our Keeper Russell Napier to discuss global liquidity. Join us for a thought-provoking ...

The Wall Street Renegades who Changed Finance Forever (with Robin Wigglesworth)

Robin Wigglesworth, the FT journalist and author of Trillions, joins us from Oslo to discuss the revolutionists who invented index funds, and the consequent threats ...

The Myth of Capitalism (with Denise Hearn)

Wander into any small town in the US and you'll find "a Subway, a Bank of America and some private-equity-owned retail chain". Denise Hearn, co-author ...

The Wirecard Criminals (with Dan McCrum)

When FT investigative journalist Dan McCrum began challenging the financial model of so-called fintech pioneer Wirecard, he was threatened with criminal charges in Germany – ...

The Extraordinary Story of John Stonehouse (with Sir Philip Augar)

He was a Labour Cabinet Minister tipped to be a future Prime Minister – charming, handsome and apparently a passionate advocate for social justice. Yet ...

Lex Greensill and the Pyramid of Lies (with Duncan Mavin)

How did Australian farmer Lex Greensill convince the likes of Credit Suisse and the Softbank Vision Fund that he was a highly investable fintech entrepreneur? ...

The Price of Time (with Edward Chancellor)

All economic and financial activities take place across time – and interest coordinates those activities. The story of capitalism is thus the story of interest: ...

Hard Times in the 21st Century (with Helen Thompson)

Disorder, a new book by the political economist Helen Thompson, has made waves with its depiction of the long history behind the world's current political ...

The Economics of the Stock Market (with Andrew Smithers)

Andrew Smithers first dabbled in the stock market as a schoolboy in the 1950s, and grew into one of the most respected economics commentators of ...

Back from the Brink (with Lord Darling)

Lord Darling opens the new Library of Mistakes in Edinburgh, and explains to business journalist and author Ray Perman what it was like to be ...

Adapting to the New Economic World Order (Hidden Forces v Russell Napier)

This is a special episode, republished by kind permission of the Hidden Forces podcast series, in which Demetri Kofinas interviews our very own Professor Russell ...

The Financial Cold War (with James Fok)

As the West seeks to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine through financial sanctions, Russell Napier meets an expert on how this kind of ...

Iceland’s Secret (with Jared Bibler)

In this first episode of the Library of Mistakes podcast series, Russell Napier explores the 2008 financial collapse of Iceland with Jared Bibler, author of ...
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